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Our Award winning medical needling is all about getting you results.
An amazing transformative  skin treatment using medical topical ingredients pioneered by Environ.
Collagen induction therapy is brought about by the skins natural repair process.

Results achieved
- softer lines and wrinkles
- tightens and brightens the skin
- reduces scarring and stretch marks
- induces the production of natural collagen and growth factors
- lightens pigmentations
- reduces broken capillaries

Treatment includes personal roller and Omnilux LED therapy.


Tailor made resurfacing of the skin involving a series of New Modern Facial Peels.
Lower concentration of lactic acid over repetitive treatments achieves a healthier skin with minimal redness and downtime.
Long term sustained improvements for conditions such as

- Rosacea
- Acne (reduces inflammation and kills bacteria)
- Enlarged pores
- Pigmentation/sun damage
- Blackheads

Environ Ionzyme DFII

Our signature vitamin infusion treatment will boost your skin to the next level.
Using high frequency sonophoresis we infuse ACE, antioxidants and peptides into the deep layers of the skin.
The combo is designed to help you achieve your skin goals and tailored for your specific skin type.
Purifying vitamin therapy micro-exfoliates and hydrates the skin resulting in a revived and refreshed appearance.


A timeless classic facial aimed at regaining a radiant and luminous complexion.
The Hydradermie treatment with its Serum Gel Hydration will work to rehydrate your skin. mild electrical currents are used to deeply infuse gels to oxygenate and purify the skin helping reinforce its natural protective barrier and improve suppleness.


Omnilux uses a combination of pure red and infra-red light to stimulate the deeper skin tissues, leading to a softening of fine lines, improved skin tone and super smooth skin.


This medical device is a state of the art non-invasive, relaxing procedure. Integrating Omnilux Light Therapy with your regular facial treatments enhances overall results and maintains vitality of the skin.

A course of 9 treatments is recommended for dramatic results.

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